Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adventures in Frogging

As much as I'd like to get back to hand-painting I haven't had much time lately-even to finish unpacking. I thought I had everything I needed to get started again but when I went to set up I realized there were still a few thinks lurking somewhere in boxes that had yet to be opened. I'm also getting close to starting the clinical portion of the nursing program and have been busy with classes 3 days/week, working 3 days/week, leaving only one day for cleaning/laundry/shopping/life etc.

With my limited free time I've focused more on knitting. In order for me to be able to do something, I have to fully understand how and whyit works. That's easy for me with crochet but I am a far less experienced knitter. I have several stitch pattern books and I've been going through all of them, picking patterns to swatch. While I'm working I pay close attention to what each stitch does-whether it makes an opening, a twist or a turn. I've learned a great deal about cables and lace and I'm finally beginning to see which stitch belongs where and why.

I've said before that frogging terrifies me. I've done a lot of frogging lately(you'd think by now I wouldn't end up with double the stitches I started with but somehow I do) and even feel comfortable with that now that I know how to pick up dropped stitches regardless of how far they've run. Even within a pattern I can now usually figure out how to pull a stitch back up. That alone is my biggest accomplishment!

Hopefully when this semester is finished I can get back to the website (which desperately needs attention) and hand-painting but until then I'll be frogging away.
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