Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Holidays! A little snow & a felted bag

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. While we didn't have a white Christmas here in the desert southwest, we did have quite a storm just before the holiday weekend. Usually when snow is in our forcast we expect at most an inch, and most of it is usually gone the next day, but this time we had enough to make a snow man, and, as you can see, one of my young neighbors did just that.

Life is always hectic this time of year but I've managed to get some painting in, and I was so excited to try felting this new wool that I managed to find time to work up a bag. While it's not quite complete (I still need to add a lining and zipper), I wanted to show it off. I only ran the body of the bag though the wash twice because I wanted to maintain some stitch definition. I added the straps after felting because I wanted the texture of the wrap around straps to remain. The bag is approximately 10x17 and required around 400yds. A skein in this same dye lot will be listed on eBay this Sunday. Photos show bag before and after felting.

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