Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finally! The move is here in a few weeks. Selling and buying a house has truly been one of the most stressful events I've ever experienced. We've done a lot of work to the house we're selling and have had a lot of ups and downs in the process.

I'm looking forward to getting my studio set up and working again. I haven't done any painting over the summer since I had to pack all non-essentials and I've really missed it.

Since I desperately needed something therapeutic to do during this long and stressful event, and painting anything other than walls wasn't an option, I decided now would be a great time to work on my knitting skills. Still far from being at the level I'd like to be at, I'm very happy with the way these tops have turned out simply because I've learned so much and can see how much I've improved. Once again they're all sleeveless. Yes, I occasionally make wearables with sleeves. In fact I've finished a short sleeve bolero that needs to be blocked andI'm almost done with a circle shrug. I'll post those later today or tomorrow. I really like sleeveless items for their versatility. They can be worn alone or over a tank or short sleeved top during the warmer months, and over a long sleeve top in the cooler months.

I must also admit that I am sometimes impatient and find sleeves time consuming and tedious. Part of this stems from my commitment to myself to not have more than 2 WIPs at a time (holiday time excluded of course), and I usually can't wait to start on one of the other dozen or so things I have working in my head.

The first is knit in handpainted cotton/rayon boucle. No pattern, just a simple 3x3 rib with basic shaping for the bust. Loved the way the colors worked up, wasn't in love with the uneven stitches:

Not as happy with the first as I'd hoped I'd be, I went back to crochet for the next project which is also done in handpainted cotton/rayon boucle:

The third was inspired by a Craftster member who'd used this decorative stitch in a tank top. I was thrilled that she posted a tutorial since my knit and crochet stitch reference books are also packed! The upper bodice is my own shaping and I opted for a little move coverage on top this time. I must say, after blocking this top, I was one proud knitter. This was knit using size 3 mercerized cotton in solid chocolate:

Thanks for looking!
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