Friday, February 09, 2007


I've finally decided to officially open a web store. My experience selling online over the last year has been very positive so I've decided to jump off the cliff and see if I can land on my feet without breaking anything!

I've been thinking about this from the beginning. It's been my goal to have a successful web store, and maybe eventually have a brick and mortar business. It's a scary process, and a difficult one as well. It's hard to source without a physical store. Building a website isn't easy either. Fortunately I have the help, love, and support of my family. They'll be working with me on the technical stuff and day to day operations. I'll continue to do the skeining & dying and hopefully, now that I've purchased some equipment to make the skeining easier, I'll be able to accomplish a great deal more.

I also hope to expand by offering supplies as well but for now I'm starting small and praying it will grow. What could be better in life than having happy, healthy loved ones and supporting those you love by doing something you love.

Now that I've said it out loud I'll have to go for it. Wish me luck!

Thanks for visiting!

Best wishes,
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