Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I've been busy making gifts and filling orders. Unfortunately, due to a shipping delay, I haven't been able to paint yarn this week. My order should arrive by midweek so I'll have yarn available by next weekend or early next week. For now I'm posting items I have on hand. If you're interested in customizing your own colors please email me. I'll be receiving rayon, a cotton/linen blend, and a cotton/elastic blend.

Thanks for visiting!

Items currently available:

Cotton 75%/Acrylic 25% 400yds
Stormy Skies

Silk 76%/Cotton 21%/Nylon 3%
About 420yds

Hand Crochet Shawls
Top: Constructed with Fiesta Rayon Boucle. Measures 60" across the top, 30" from top to point.
Left: Celebrity flower shawl constructed with a soft wool/acrylic blend. Measures 76" across top, 36" top to point.
Right: Body constructed with Gedifra cotton, edging done in 100% cotton handpainted in faded denim. Measures 56" across top, 30" top to point.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The first pattern I wrote and sold

A few examples of my latest projects:

Saturday, December 03, 2005


My Great-grandmother, Eutemia Trujillo, taught me to crochet when I was just 6. I've always loved to create so I was eager to learn.

I've now been crocheting for 30 years.

I started with basic scarves and blankets, then moved on to wearables. I thought I had an inexpensive hobby- a skein of acrylic yarn at my local craft store was only a couple of bucks and I could make a sweater for around $10.....

that is until I discovered eBay. I "won" 10 skeins of a high end yarn and that was the end of acrylic me. As my fellow crochet & knitters know, one's stash can break a bank!

Now I had access to all this amazing yarn but, at that time, most of the available crochet patterns were outdated and, well, ugly! I began to create my own designs, working by trial and error, sometimes getting what I wanted, and, at times, frogging the entire project! Eventually, in an effort to support my hobby, I began writing patterns and selling them on eBay. Unfortuanatley that didn't last long. While I hope to do it again someday, with 2 kids, school, and a full time job, I just don't have time to design, write, test, and retest my patterns.

Now that's it's become easier for me to make something that is my own, I began to look for other ways to make my items unique. I stumbled into handpainting yarn when a friend and customer placed an order for a shawl with a very specific idea about the colors which, of course, neither of us could find. Just prior to this I'd read an article on "handpainting" yarn. After further investigation I gave it a shot, came up with exactly what she wanted, and discovered a new passion. While I still love to create wearables (espcially when using customized colors), which can take weeks to finish, I also love the almost instant gratification of handpainting yarn..and of course I've had to start selling that too in order to support my hobby...

Some of the items I'll be posting will be available at auction, others will be for orders and gifts. If you're intersted in anything please check out what I'm selling on ebay or email me.

ebay: stylishtitches
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